Monday, 23 April 2012

Microsoft Unveiled all about Windows 8

The tech giant Microsoft has finally unveiled information about their latest Operating System. This latest version of Operative System has been named ‘Windows 8’. An unofficial source said that Windows 8 may be released and made available in markets on October 2012, three years after the release of the current version Windows 7. Earlier on February 29, 2012, a pre-released version of Windows 8 was released officially as Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy.

Windows 8 has flexibility to use on both two versions of processors – 32 and 64 bit. Windows 8 has been integrated with a series of different editions keeping in mind of the different needs of users of different categories.
The available editions are named ‘Regular Windows 8’, ‘Windows 8 Pro’ and ‘Windows RT’. There’s also another version named ‘Windows Enterprise’. All the editions are of uncompromised respective users friendly.

Window 8 Regular has been designed mainly for the common users. It attributes with added features like Task Manager, Updated Windows Explorer, opportunity of switching to few local languages, better multi-monitor support. Previously these facilities were available only in Windows Ultimate or Windows Enterprise.

‘Windows 8 Pro’ features all facilities of Windows 8 Regular plus PC management and domain connectivity, virtualization and encryption. This edition is mainly for business purpose that needs some extra facilities. It targets at
Business and Technical Professionals as well as web-developers. However, there will be an economical ‘media pack’ add-on for Windows Media Centre available to Windows 8 Pro.

Another member of latest Windows 8 family is ‘Windows RT’ which is also introduced as Windows on ARM or WOA. It is assumed that Windows RT refers Windows runtime. Though it is produced for ARM chip, there will have no opportunity to get or buy this edition from market for separately. It will only be included to tablet devices for run. Also some apps named Microsoft Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, and OneNote will be pre-installed to Windows 8 RT run devices. 

Besides all these versions there’s another one called ‘Windows 8 Enterprise’ targeting the IT professionals. This edition includes all facilities of Windows 8 Pro plus some other extra provisions like easy networking and so on.

All editions of Windows 8 family are beautiful, fast and user friendly. It has been asserted that individual group users will enjoy and love individual versions rather than any other previous Windows Operating Systems.

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