Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Online Marketing and Traditional Media Marketing: A Comprehensive Study

The term marketing refers to increase sales by promotion of products and services and bring business output. Out of hundreds of strategies media marketing is very popular to introduce own services and products. In this 21st Century, internet has gripped the whole globe and you can recognize your products and services among the masses by proper using it. Therefore, internet marketing also called online marketing has become one of latest wings and indispensable parts of modern marketing weapons. 

Traditional media are of two kinds – Press media like newspapers, magazines, journals and any kind of printings and another is Electronics Media
like radio, television. It is now well-set in our mind that business marketing means press and electronic media marketing. No doubt, these two media marketing are very popular and have ability to create appeal to the target audience. Media play a great influence on human life and can persuade audience’s tastes and choices through advertising by strategic descriptions of particular product and service, or by meaningful pictures and video campaigns. So, traditional media can be mighty weapon of advertisement but one thing, they are mostly effective for local marketing!

Now let’s switch to online marketing and its advantages. Online marketing is a technique where the ads of your products and services appear whenever an individual search a particular item. It is based three main components – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and E-mail marketing. In business world today, your volume of success depends on how stronger and wider your communication channel is. The wider your channel, the bigger your success. Online marketing has the ability to bring you out from local market and expand worldwide. Online marketing is important from both consumer and service provider’s point of view.

Internet is supposed to be the network of all networks. By SEO & SMM you can very easily grasp a bigger channel, maintain a reciprocal communication and make it stronger at a fraction of cost. Blogs, web based news, and social networking sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc can be used as very powerful tools of marketing. You have opportunity to get connected always with targeted audience, can get their feedback directly. SEO & SMM allow you to put forth your products and services in front of the customers whenever they are ready to buy. Again, from consumer’s view point, consumers can easily get details of your product and services, and feel better to buy by visiting your website. So, by doing online marketing you can really excel you business profits. However, online marketing provides all facilities of traditional media marketing. Again, as part of e-mail marketing, you can make aware your existing clients as well as new ones about your latest service and product upgrades. You have freedom to lunch promotional advertisement and creative techniques like animation to attract them. Also online marketing is more cost effective and long term solution rather than that of traditional media marketing.

Now, if you are a ‘business to business’ and want to stick to what you know, then I would like to opine internet marketing is not for you. But if your business target is consumer as a whole, then, internet marketing should be your centre marketing policy. Intuitive professionals today always prefer to invest more on online marketing rather than traditional media marketing. However, you can also tie together online marketing and traditional marketing.

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